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 On-demand webinar

How to 
design personalised campaigns
with Sitecore 

How do you design the digital experence in such a way as to allow a marketer to connect with their audience on each visit and at each touchpoint?

During this actionable webinar, we’ll be walking you through how to apply the technique of digital personalisation to every aspect of your digital strategy from design and UX through to embedding personalisation across your digital campaigns and marketing channels.

Attendees to this webinar will take away a digital roadmap tested in the wild which can be applied to your own digital strategy to deliver highly optimised digital campaigns mapped to your channels and targeting your different customer segments and users.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to segment your different traffic sources and channels for personalised experiences
  • How to design your website with a personalised first approach 
  • How to map out an end to end customer journey campaign
  • How a personalised first approach to digital campaigns drives conversions
  • How to map your plan to Sitecore's marketing 

Mario Kyriacou, Managing Partner, Ratio,


Watch the recording

Watch the webinar recording


Phil Scott, Digital Experience Director, Ratio  

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